On Monday afternoon, after my information clinics in the constituency, myself and my Secretarial Assistant attended a meeting with the Planning Regulator and some of his officials.  This meeting was arranged following my calls for a review into planning in the North/South Fringes of Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council over the past 20 years.  It was a welcome exchange of views and we will follow up with the Regulator’s office.

On Tuesday, we completed my detailed observation on the development plan for St. Anne’s and I called for an oral hearing, given the high-density proposed and the grave concerns of local residents at losing a historic high amenity area of St. Anne’s Park.

I was delighted that the motion brought forward by myself and Deputy Thomas Pringle on the Right to a Personal Assistance Service for citizens with disabilities passed Dáil Éireann and was accepted by government.  I hope that now the Government will move quickly to establish a Commissioner to begin the process of bringing about this important right (as per Article 19 of the UNCRPD) for people with disabilities.

On Wednesday morning, I attended the meeting of the Committee on Procedure and later that afternoon I spoke on the Motion on Hospital Overcrowding, which laughably was brought forward by Fianna Fáil.  When you vote Fine Gael you get Fianna Fáil and vice versa, so it is disingenuous now for Fianna Fáil to feign concern about the high numbers of people on trollies when they have been part of the cause of this and have supported austerity budgets jointly agreed with Fine Gael since 2011.

On Thursday, I spoke on the topic of child homelessness and supporting children out of emergency accommodation following the two Committee reports on changes that need to be made regarding family homelessness and child homelessness.  To think that around 140 babies have been born into homelessness is a shocking indictment of the failed housing policy of Fine Gael.  It is also appalling that Ireland has one of the worst records on social housing of homeless families in the EU.

On Friday, I was examining other planning applications for the constituency, and in particular another Crekav high density proposal for Howth town, as there has been a large volume of planned developments coming through.