Today during Leaders’ Questions in Dáil Éireann, Deputy Broughan again blasted Fine Gael on its atrocious record for housing while in Government.  Deputy Broughan made a submission to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy, on the Strategic Housing Development and he was not surprised to learn from the Killian Woods story in the Sunday Business Post that construction hasn’t even started on two-thirds of the units approved by An Bord Pleanála under the Strategic Housing Development.

In a current, huge Strategic Housing Development proposal of almost 2,000 housing units in the North Fringe, almost 1,200 are ‘Build To Rent’ and only 195 will be social homes, a drop in the ocean of the homes needed in Dublin Bay North.  The August homeless figures have increased to 10,338 people with 3,848 children without a home.  Deputy Broughan told the Tánaiste about meeting constituents and families in great distress living in emergency accommodation, in overcrowded conditions in old family homes, sofa surfing between relatives and friends and even living in vans and cars.  In Housing Area B of Dublin City Council (most of Dublin Bay North), over 5,000 households were waiting to be rehoused with nearly another 3,000 on transfer lists while in the Howth/Malahide Housing Area of Fingal, around 2,000 more are waiting (often for more than a decade) for housing.

Deputy Broughan concludes “This week saw the first anniversary of the passage through the Dáil of a comprehensive action programme on housing called for by Raise the Roof, a coalition of activists from the Trade Unions, Homeless and Housing Agencies, Independents4Change and other political groups, USI and many representatives of civil society including academics and housing experts.  Fine Gael was the only party in this house to oppose the Dáil motion last year which called for affordable rents and security of tenure, ending eviction into homelessness, doubling national housing investment, the creation of a legal right to housing and the declaration of a housing emergency.  With Budget 2020 almost upon us and absolutely no let up in people and families being forced into homelessness drastic action is now needed.”