Deputy Broughan has today commended the voluntary organisation PARC Road Safety Group (Promoting Awareness Responsibility and Care on our Roads) on their election manifesto ‘Campaign Priorities for Road Safety’. Ms Susan Gray, Chairperson of PARC, and her colleagues are calling upon candidates for the 32nd Dáil to commit to reducing road deaths and injuries by implementing the necessary legislation and system improvements which would make this a reality.

PARC’s election manifesto is calling for the following ten strategic initiatives to be adopted and implemented by the next government:

  • Equip all Relevant State Bodies with New Technologies Linked to a Central Database;
  • Provide Effective Recording of Licences and Precise Reporting Systems;
  • Eliminate Barriers to Successful Prosecutions for drink driving;
  • Provide Effective IT Systems for all Relevant Agencies;
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of road traffic collisions and casualties;
  • Enact legislation, inform Gardaí and insist on correct procedures in court;
  • Consolidate the Road Traffic Acts;
  • Think and Plan Sustainably;
  • Independent Driving in Training and On-Road Assessment on a Pilot Scheme Basis;
  • Government publication of “Finding Your Way”.


Deputy Broughan says “As a long-time supporter of PARC and their advocacy work, I am delighted to attend the launch of their election manifesto ‘Campaign Priorities for Road Safety’ today. The amount of work done by this group is astounding and while I assist in as much as is possible by way of Parliamentary Questions, Topical Issues and challenging the Ministers responsible directly in Dáil Éireann, it is the tireless work of Susan Gray and her colleagues that ensures this important issue is often in the media spotlight. I am very proud to have supported their work and uncovered many discrepancies and loopholes in the implementation of our road safety laws. It can be very difficult to get a straight answer and true data from the Ministers and agencies responsible for road safety and if the incoming Government sign up to PARC’s manifesto here today perhaps the next Dáil can make some real progress in reducing road deaths and injuries on Irish roads. Full and honest collaborative working and reporting is what is required to make this a reality and I hope to be lucky enough to be re-elected to the 32nd Dáil to continue to assist PARC and other organisations in the promotion of road safety going forward”.