Prior to Christmas 2016, Deputy Tommy Broughan made enquiries with Fingal County Council and Irish Water regarding the increasing instances of water outages in the Howth/Sutton/Baldoyle area. During November and December 2016, there were sometimes daily notices being sent by Fingal County Council outlining how areas around these parishes were to be without water supply for significant periods during the day.

Replies received from Irish Water stated that “there were a number of water main bursts in Howth during November & December that resulted in a loss of service to some consumers”. It went on to say that “not all of the bursts presented as water above ground” and therefore, “took longer to locate and resolve”. It stated that “some of the supply outages were as a direct result of the burst” and that “other outages were as a result of pressure deflation in the wider network”. Irish Water also confirmed that it “carried out some planned network improvements during December 2016 to address and minimise the wider pressure effects of a burst and these planned works required some service disruption also.”

Further responses from Irish Water confirmed the Capital Programmes work that is expected to take place in Howth and Sutton during Quarter 2 of 2017 and these are as follows:

“1. Sutton, Co, Dublin: 1,455m of watermain rehabilitation and replacement of 81 No. lead connections (front of house) at Strand Road, Sutton – St. Fintans & Rosbeg DMA.

2. Howth, Co. Dublin: 940m of watermain rehabilitation at Abbey Street, Balscadden Road and Kilrock Road, Howth – Dungriffin DMA.”

It also stated that “in addition 12 known backyard services along the route will be removed and the properties connected up to the new main.

  • 130m of new watermain at St. Lawrence Terrace Howth – Corrbridge DMA.
  • 50m of new watermain at St. Nessans Terrace Howth – Corrbridge DMA.”

It goes on to confirm that “the metering database shows that 10 properties are confirmed shared services/Backyard services and a 2 further properties are suspected shared-services/Backyard services.

  • 225m of new watermain at Ceanchor Road Howth – Westons DMA.”

Finally, the response stated that “there are likely to be 8 properties connected to a private side 3” Cl main. Furthermore there are likely to be in the region of 15 properties on shared services including on a 2” Cl main.”

Deputy Broughan asks that constituents in Howth, Sutton, Bayside and Baldoyle be fully informed of water repair and upgrade programmes for 2017 by Irish Water and that the almost daily and erratic disruption to our water supplies since September should cease.