Deputy Broughan warmly welcomed yesterday’s announcement by Attorney General, Seamus Wolfe, to hold fresh inquests into the tragic deaths of our 48 young lives that were lost on the fateful Valentine’s Night disco in the Stardust in 1981.  Deputy Broughan has been a long and loyal supporter of the quest for truth and justice by the Stardust Relatives’ and Victims’ Committee.  He is, of course, anxious to learn what the parameters of the inquest might be and the timeframe for the completion of the inquest.  The families and victims have waited long enough for answers and have been treated appallingly by successive governments so Deputy Broughan warmly welcomes the decision at last to re-investigate the tragic deaths of the 48 young people and to re-examine the findings of the Keane Tribunal and the Coffey and McCartan reports.

Deputy Broughan particularly welcomes Attorney General’s Wolfe’s comments that the holding of fresh inquests is in the public interest and in the interests of justice.  Deputy Broughan had joined the Stardust Relatives’ and Victims’ Committee at their demo outside the office of the Attorney General on Tuesday last and indeed, he stood with them and helped them deliver the 48,000 signed ‘Truth’ postcards in November 2018, calling for the new inquests in to the tragic deaths.

Deputy Broughan concludes “Ms Antoinette Keegan, her mother Ms Chrissie Keegan and their colleagues on the Stardust Relatives’ and Victims’ Committee, and of course other families affected by the awful fire, have been treated atrociously by successive Governments since 1981.  Myself and other public representatives, especially recently Lynn Boylan, former Sinn Féin MEP, have consistently supported the Committee and its members in seeking truth, closure and justice.  I sincerely hope that the fresh inquests are conducted in an urgent and transparent manner and that there is finally justice, accountability and some closure at last coming to these very determined but heartbroken families and victims.”