Dublin North East Labour Deputy Tommy Broughan has welcomed a decision by Fingal County Council to turn down a development proposal at the previously rejected Stapolin Phase V site in Baldoyle, Dublin 13. Deputy Broughan had submitted a strong objection to the proposal to Fingal on behalf of his constituents in the Coast and Stapolin Baldoyle, Dublin 13.


The developers, Regents Park Development Ltd., had proposed the construction of 400 residential units in 15 buildings (from three to eight stories) including 49 three-storey five bed houses; 7 three-storey four bed houses; 14 three-bed duplexes; 54 ground floor apartments; 30 penthouse apartments; 185 three-bed apartments; and 61 two-bed apartments. The development was also proposed to include a crèche; three retail units; 159 surface car parking spaces and 701 underground car parking spaces.


In a detailed submission to Fingal County Council rejecting this proposal, Deputy Broughan argued that given the failure by developers to construct the three phases of the Coast/ Stapolin permissions which received full planning permission and which have not even started construction, that his proposal for phase 5 should not be considered in any way at this stage. “There are still derelict sites awaiting construction and many empty units even in the two phases of the The Coast/ Stapolin which are largely built, There is also the dreadful problem with deficient (pyrite) floor infills which has greatly hampered this area’s development and which must first be fully remedied”, said Deputy Broughan.


Deputy Broughan continued, “On my proposal, a new masterplan is being prepared for the Dublin City side of the North Fringe new urban district. The same approach must be adopted on the Fingal side. As a result, Plan F11A/0290 relates to an earlier and now obsolete period of so-called ‘planning’ and should be rejected. The plan is now hopelessly premature.”

Deputy Broughan also said in all key respects the new proposal by Kieran O’Malley and Company, and Project Architects (PA) fails to address the major difficulties of the earlier rejected 2007 plan on the grounds of excessive high density, height and overbearing massive design given the proposed height of up to 8 storeys in the 15 buildings presented. “While other sectors are 3 and 4 storeys, the types of problems which have emerged for residents of even this design of accommodation elsewhere in the North Fringe are again not addressed here”, added Deputy Broughan.



Finally, Deputy Broughan pointed out that Plan F11A/0290 again does not deal with the traffic, transportation, overshadowing, internal open space and hydrology deficiencies of the 2007 plan and clearly needs to be rejected by Fingal County Council.


In reasons given for the rejection of the plan, Fingal County Council said that (1) Fingal is currently preparing a local area plan…(and) development of the kind proposed would be premature pending adoption of a local area plan in accordance with the development plan; (2) to permit 400 dwellings in this isolated location would represent ad hoc and piecemeal development in an uncoordinated manner; (3) the 8 storey landmark building is excessive in height…(and) the development would by reason of its height, bulk, mass and scale would be incongruous, visually dominant and imposing in this designated Sensitive Landscape; (4) there would be poor serious overshadowing of courtyard areas…(and) a number of units in the development fail to meet minimum standards set out in relation to daylight and sunlight; (5) Within the scheme there are deficiencies with the private open space allocated to individual houses and apartments; (6) the necessary connections to public transport nodes…(have) failed to be made secure and made fully operational to afford safe passage and (7) the applicant has failed to comply with the Sanitary Services Acts and would therefore be prejudicial to public health.