Today, Deputy Broughan handed in his pre-budget submission to the Department of Finance.  In it he calls for increase in Social Protection payments, paying particular attention to measures that would assist in helping lone parents and children out of poverty; for an additional €1.25bn investment in Housing and significant investment in the areas of Health and Disability of €800m plus.  Deputy Broughan also call for a clampdown on tax expenditures for the super-rich and for the postponement of the Rainy Day Fund, releasing an extra €500m for necessary personnel and infrastructure.

Deputy Broughan says that “Budget 2019 will be one of the most important budgets in recent years as March 2019 will see the UK leave the European Union and the consequences of Brexit will reverberate across the EU and further afield.  The key challenges that we are facing as a nation are the impact of a possible hard Brexit, managing to retain an open border with the North, Trump’s ‘America First’ policies, our over-reliance on corporation tax takes from a small number of multi-nationals and of course, the ongoing Housing Crisis and Health waiting lists.  Climate Change and changing weather patterns are also key global challenges that are certainly not being taken seriously enough in Ireland and mitigation measures must begin to be implemented urgently”.

In his work on the Budgetary Oversight Committee and of course, during the course of his usual Dáil and constituency work, Deputy Broughan has studied a variety of pre-budget submissions and considered the views of the constituents who contact him regularly.  He attended many of the pre-budget briefings that have been taking place and listened to the needs of advocacy and civic society groups representing vulnerable cohorts of society.  Following all of this consultation and preparation, Deputy Broughan has put forward costed proposals which he feels would make a real difference to the lives of people in Ireland.

Deputy Broughan says “The government’s proposed ‘prudent stance’ in Budget 2019 should not be used to prevent necessary dramatic improvements in housing and health and modest tax improvements for hardworking citizens and families.  The shocking failure to inform the public about massive tax expenditures (of at least €5bn) and the grossly unfair distribution of the necessary state tax burden are major failures of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil especially over the last decade.  Budget 2019 should be an opportunity for Government to address these issues in a balanced and sustainable way and I’m calling on Minister Donohoe to consider my own pre-budget submission”.