Tommy Broughan, a long-time public representative for the Coolock area and constituency of Dublin Bay North, was again disturbed and upset to see that a terrible crime was committed against a young man, whose body was found this week.  Mr Broughan has repeatedly raised the urgent issue of needing to address the increase in criminal activity in areas around Dublin Bay North, given a spate of daylight murders, increasing anti-social behaviours and gun-related violence.  Mr Broughan raised the matters on the floor of the Dáil during Leaders’ Questions, during Questions on Promised Legislation, Parliamentary Questions, Topical Issues, etc., as well as directly with the Minister for Justice and Equality, the Garda Commissioner and the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council.

Mr Broughan called for all possible supports and resources for the organisations and stakeholders in the communities and has also called for a Mulvey-type report and Implementation Group, as was established for the North Inner City.  He also asked that the new planned Garda HQ be built in the North Fringe of Dublin Bay North.

Mr Broughan concludes “The continuing number of tragedies and appalling violence in and around Dublin Bay North are simply not being taken seriously by the Fine Gael Government.  The parishes where these terrible crimes are taking place are being ignored by the Government.  I have raised the need for action time and time again on the floor of the Dáil and in direct contact with the Minister for Justice and Equality.  Families are being targeted and devastated and something must be done.  Fine Gael is soft on crime and I hope that the affected communities make this important issue an election one on February 8th.  We need greater Garda numbers around the constituency and increased supports for all youth, community and local sports projects.  The pupil-teacher ratio at primary school level must also be urgently increased to provide more resources for children and young people to avoid being drawn into anti-social and criminal activities.”