Today, during Leaders’ Questions, Deputy Broughan again raised the issue of gun crime and serious anti-social behaviour in parts of his constituency of Dublin Bay North and indeed, the greater Dublin area.  Since the appalling murders in broad daylight so far this year, Deputy Broughan has been raising the matter on the floor of the Dáil and directly with the Taoiseach, Minister for Justice and Equality, Minister for Rural and Community Development, with An Garda Síochána and with Dublin City Council.  He has also been in regular contact with community leaders and vital community organisations.

Deputy Broughan has been calling for an interdepartmental Task Force, similar to that which was established for the North Inner City, and an Implementation Group to produce and deliver a strategy to prevent crime along the lines recommended by the Mulvey Report.  Deputy Broughan has also been asking for increased resources and supports for the Gardaí, schools, employment organisations, youth groups, drug rehabilitation groups and other community enterprises to help community leaders combat escalating criminal and anti-social behaviour.  The North Inner-City initiative itself includes (a) Tackling Crime and Drugs, (b) Maximising Education and Training, (c) Integrating Social Services and (d) Improving the Physical Landscape and Deputy Broughan believes that such a comprehensive programme for parts of Dublin Bay North is also required. 

Deputy Broughan says “Fine Gael has failed to make our communities safer.  People are being terrorised in their own communities and have been terrified because of the persistent, serious anti-social behaviour and outrageous murders happening in broad daylight.  Too many areas of Dublin have been neglected after having draconian cuts foisted upon them by the austerity governments for many years.  Local community organisations, Local Authorities and the Gardaí do not have sufficient resources or personnel to tackle and prevent this criminal behaviour.  I have put forward a very reasonable proposal and am calling on the Taoiseach to follow Enda Kenny’s example in the North Inner City and to provide the funding to establish a Task Force and Implementation Group for parts of Dublin Bay North.  Our communities need to be made safe again and our residents protected from harm.”