On behalf of his Northside constituents, Deputy Broughan has been asking for a new A&E at Beaumont Hospital for a number of years now.  As patients and hard-pressed Beaumont A&E staff well know, a new, fit-for-purpose A&E is urgently required at this busy hospital.  Recently, Deputy Broughan received a reply from the HSE to some Parliamentary Questions he had raised and the reply included information on the specifications of what a new A&E would look like.  The CEO of Beaumont Hospital, Ian Carter, said that the new emergency department should include 50 treatment bays and 25 assessment bays and is estimated to cost €51 million.

The reply stated:

Deputy Broughan says “I am now calling on HSE CEO Paul Reid to urgently prioritise the long-planned, new A&E at Beaumont.  So far this year we still have no Capital Plan for 2019.  It is welcome to see that there is some movement, at least, towards what a new Emergency Department might look like.  Mr Carter states that the total construction time could be 3.5yrs and he is waiting for agreement from the HSE to move on to the next stage.  The project has not even gone for planning permission yet.  The A&E is already long overdue and should be prioritised to ensure delivery by 2021-2022.”